Wilhelm Smolka KG Wilhelm Smolka KG

About us

Wilhelm Smolka, a traditional family business, was established over100 years ago.

As acknowledged experts, we create exclusive picture frames for museums, galleries and private collectors from all over the world. 

The professional restoration of antique (often museum) frames is also part of our work.

Established expertise, comprehensive advice and perfect craftsmanship come as standard for us.

We select the stylistically and aesthetically best picture framing from over 3000 frame designs from all eras of art history; from the early Gothic era through to Classic Modernism and contemporary art. 

Our collection of historic frames, which we can duplicate in any scale, also increases this selection.

A 90-year-old ripple moulding machine, one of only a few in Europe, enables the production of classic wave-form mouldings. The character of these mouldings cannot be compared with modern, industrially produced mouldings.

Each frame is made to measure and produced in line with centuries of traditional craftsmanship. All work steps, from the raw wooden beams through to the finished piece, are executed in our workshops for carpentry and gilding in Vienna. 

They range from the finest profiling and carving in the carpentry workshop through to surface treatment such as spirit-gilding, engraving of chalk base, polychrome and marble painting and finally the skilful patination of all surfaces in the gilding workshop.

As a result, we create picture frames which highlight the essence of your artwork, emphasize its beauty and perfectly present it in its surroundings.